2pi Software

2pi Software
  • ERP & CRM
    • Specialist development and support for ERP and CRM systems including Workflow automation and multi-system integration
  • Software Development
    • Bespoke development using PHP, Java, JS/JQuery, HTML/CSS, MySQL on a wide range of operating systems and platforms including mobile/tablet (iOS and Android)
  • Websites, Mobile Apps & Ecommerce
    • Premium grade WordPress and Typo3 website and plugin development
  •  ICT PC & Networking
    • Maintenance, support and supply of PC, Networking and Communication systems including VOIP Phone solutions

2pi Software was founded in 2012 by Carsten Eckelmann and Liam O’Duibhir and is based on the Sapphire Coast, NSW. With a total of over 40 years IT experience across software development, website construction and maintenance of IT systems and networks, they have created a powerful technology consulting program within a unique business.

At its core, 2pi Software is a software engineering company staffed with people who passionately pursue excellence in the software engineering craft and consistently apply the intellectual rigour required to build long-lasting, supportable and well-documented systems.  While software engineering is a major focus for 2pi Software (2pi Code division), the circumstances of operating in regional Australia are such that many established businesses require assistance with a broad range of ICT needs, especially through a skilled and trusted partner. This has led to the development of two complementary lines of business – Web Design and Development (2pi Web), and Systems Maintenance, Network and Desktop Support (2pi Systems).

The long term vision of 2pi Software is to expand throughout Australia, particularly through its software development division, fully utilising the potential of Cloud Computing, while continuing to provide a responsive, effective and quality service.  With an operational philosophy based firmly on collaboration and open communication, 2pi Software can flexibly advise on and meet clients’ needs.

For more details about 2pi Software please download our Capability Statement .

CoWS Near The Coast

The 2PiSoftware team are behind the Sapphire Coasts first ever Digital Co-working space (visit cowsnearthecoast.com.au). It’s a fantastic hub for Techs/Creatives and Entrepreneurs in the region to meet, collaborate and reinvent the future.

Sales Ph: 1800 961 919
Support Ph: 1300 759 975
Email: info@2pisoftware.com