Business Testimonials

“It is important to show the community what services are available in the area so the small businesses can grow and support the community”.

“Thanks to SCBN, I have been able to make valuable business connections, raise the profile of my business in the Bega Valley, and increase my client base”.

“It is so important for everyone to feel as though they are part of something bigger. SCBN events like the “pamper me” day are a great opportunity for people to come together and enjoy the community that we like in”.

SCBN provides an opportunity for businesses to raise their profile and build networks with other local business operators”.

‘Being a member of SCBN is important for my business for so many reasons; It gives me the opportunity to connect with like-minded people in business, to share ideas, build relationships and help each other grow”.

“Being a member is very important for a number of reasons, the networking is great, brand awareness in the area is a must to create new business. Networking with other businesses and business owners to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for future ventures”.

“Being part of SCBN enables new and existing businesses to get noticed. That in itself is a big benefit of networking. By regularly attending business and social events, people start to recognise you and this can assist to build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and professional business person”.

“Sapphire Coast Business Networking is an important conduit into the unique demographics of the area and I consider to be an essential part of any small business in developing, and integrating, into the community”.

“As a South Coast based business it is extremely important for us to be connected to the Sapphire Coast Business Community so that we can truly understand your challenges and provide the right support for you. The South Coast is our home and we know that by strengthening our business leadership we can also help to build a stronger, kinder, wiser community”.

“The importance of mentors is strewn throughout any answer a successful business person’s response as to how they made it in business. Here on the Far South Coast, the Sapphire Coast Business Networking, fills this gap for many small business’. Apart from the social aspect of knowing that you are not alone, we learn new skills and techniques that are valuable to use within our business’ on a personal, professional and client bases. The importance of getting together with like minded people is an essential ingredient in any business development”.

Mandy Parker ​Lifestyle Coach

SCBN helps connect like-minded individuals who provide support, ideas and opportunities to each other. This helps us build to success together by providing stable foundations for those starting home-based businesses”.

“Sapphire Coast Business Women and subsequently business networking, has assisted in the development of Sapphire Cooks. There is access to a wide variety of training opportunities, collaboration and ideas”.

‘PAMPER ME’ event Aug 2017

Wendy Hunter:

“Thank you Sapphire Coast Business Network for the wonderful “Pamper Me” Event. I was a very appreciative nominee in receipt of pampering. It reminded me of how important it is to attend to ourselves occasionally, when as women we are so conditioned to always attending to the “other”. I Had my hair washed, treated and styled, shiatsu treatment, facial makeover, skin check (don’t go there…), nutrition and self-care advice, photo shoot, food and coffee. I certainly felt a whole lot better after being pampered by caring and committed folks applying their skillful trades. Thanks Women’s Resource Centre Gabrielle Powell, Laura Wilcox…for nominating me to be pampered…and thank you Julie Novotny, SCBN, and sponsors for organising and making it all happen. Such a great community we share.”

Christine Welsh:

“Great initiative. Well done Julie Novotny for organising it.”

Gabrielle Powell:

Good work. Julie Novotny thanks for supporting these women to receive pampering

Melinda Cleaver:

“The Pamper Me Expo was a fantastic day. Great for small businesses like me who work from home to show people what I have to offer. I really enjoyed doing makeovers on all the beautiful women who came to see me.”

​Emma Rose:

“The Pamper Me Event was an amazing day! Thank you Julie and all the sponsors for a absolutely amazing day!”

Sue Middlewood:

I went to the pamper me day for the pure luxury of it. I was not disappointed! Really lovely day, thank you. Thanks so much all who contributed to making this so perfect.”

Janita Fernando:

“Julie what a wonderful day. Well done to you! It was so wonderful to see my beautiful friends Christine, Kerry and Penny being so well looked after. We had fun. Thank you.”

Debbie Gardiner:

“Raise a glass to Julie for organising this ! Well done!”

​Kimone Haddon:

“Excellent day"

Christine Smith:

“Yes thanks Julie Novotny, Janita Fernando and all contributors for a fantastic day. I was well outside my comfort zone but am sure I will be seeing many of you again".