My lifetime passion has been photography and I have always worked in this industry in one form or another, since leaving school (many years ago). After a number of years photographing throughout New Zealand and Australia, I decided to start my own business in 1997 and named it photo123.


We specialised in School, Pre-school, Sports and Wedding photography and had up to 15 staff working throughout Sydney and the Blue Mts. After 17yrs running the business, it was time to sell up and retire to the South Coast and enjoy a less stressful lifestyle while pursuing personal hobbies, such as kayaking, walking, swimming, camping and bike riding along with some volunteer work.


​In my retirement I found myself missing the real challenges that I had grown accustomed to, so I decided to expand on my interest in IT by creating on-line gift sites and playing around with various websites. The latest avenue for me to showcase some of my photography, is my FB page Travel4Retirement where you can follow my husband & I on our journeys around Aust & NZ.


​But I just LOVE to be active and busy and I was on the lookout for something new and challenging to do and decided volunteering might provide an outlet. I began by volunteering to assist with our local Merimbula Chamber, which kept me quite busy throughout the year. When the opportunity came up to manage the Business Women’s group I jumped at the challenge as I really enjoy networking and meeting other motivated business people.


​​I have been really amazed at the growth of SCBN and never expected it to take up so much of my time, to the point where it has now become a full time business for me. One thing that I have really enjoyed seeing is the number of women that are actually doing business between each other and all because of their networking within the group. That made me realise that putting in all the hours, without any payment, had really been worth the effort.


In 2019 I decided that I was ready to make a more dramatic move, by re-branding and making the business scalable. A bigger challenge that I thought I was ready for due to some great work on my internal thoughts. So then Local Business Connections began its journey and I was very excited to see where this new journey would take me!


2019 didn’t go to plan and 2020 started off not so great for the entire region and then the world. But now in May 2020 I am ready to move forward into a new direction once again with more vigour and enthusiasm to support LOCAL businesses.


So if you want to know more about this business and how we can help you, then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0429 970 150 or send me an email and I will be happy to try and help you out on your business journey.


Julie Novotny

Updated 29/05/2020