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FB LIVE each Wed at 9.30am will be back mid Jan 2021.


How much do YOU know about your LOCAL Businesses?

At LBConnections we want to make an IMPACT on LOCAL BUSINESSES by getting to know how we can CONNECT, PROMOTE & COLLABORATE with them through our on-line Business Directory and our Social Media presence.

We will be using FB LIVE VIDEOS to come to you from a different business/ location each week and will be interacting by taking you on a tour of the business and telling you a bit about it. This will enable you to get up to speed with your LOCAL Businesses while in the comfort of your home.

This will be a FUN way to learn more about the Bega Valley Shire Businesses so be sure to join in with us each Wednesday’s via our FB Business Events Page! OR you can watch them later on as we will have them all up on our page.

Check all our FB Videos HERE.

Below are 6 of the Businesses that we have visited so far this year and their videos.

We also did our first FB Live out at Hudson’s Coffee in the Bega Hospital, but unfortunately that video did not go to well. So we will be back there in the New Year sometime to do a re-take for them.

Additional Prizes supplied by the LOCAL Businesses.

Visit the bricks & mortar business or the on-line business (varies from each promotion) within 2 weeks of the FB LIVE promotion to take advantage of additional discounts and gift vouchers in the form of 10 X RED HOT SPECIAL.

WEEKLY RED HOT SPECIALS will be on offer for the first 10 people to visit the business or on-line business (dependant upon type of business) and CLAIM them.

Want to know how you can feature YOUR business in a FB LIVE?

FB Live

PROMOTE & COLLABORATE Listings on our Business Directory are eligible for a FB Live, so if you have one of these listings, then we will be in touch with you soon.

If you want to know how you can participate in a future ‘Where Am I Wednesday’ then simply send me an email and I will be in contact with you directly. connect@lbconnections.com.au

Want to know more about the Listing Options available?

Check out our ‘LISTING COMPARISONS’ on our website to be found under our ‘LIST A BUSINESS’ tab. www.lbconnections.com.au/join-up/iump-subscription-plan/


Check our Business Directory first to see if you already have a FREE Listing and be sure to CLAIM the listing, then simply UPGRADE the listing to a PAID Listing. Full details are on our HOME PAGE.

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