FINANCIAL Membership Updates

LBConnections Subscriptions


We have also updated and made changes to the 3 membership levels to include a CORPORATE Membership option to include up to 8 separate members or businesses under the Corporation’s Name – Check out the COLLABORATE Membership option.


CONNECT Membership

CONNECT with like-minded business owners through events, sharing of information and opportunities to learn and develop your business skills. Regular newsletters keep you CONNECTed with what’s going on in the Bega Valley Shire.


PROMOTE Membership

PROMOTE members aim to achieve their business goals with included access to the CONNECT benefits. They also have exclusive opportunities to PROMOTE their goods, services, events, and provide special offers to the members.

All with their own unique advantages, depending upon how much PROMOTING they want for their business.



‘COLLABORATION’ enables individuals to work together to a common purpose to achieve a defined and common business purpose.

COLLABORATE members are passionate entrepreneurs, looking to share and leverage their expertise and knowledge, while looking for innovative ways to lead sustainable businesses, collectively growing our business community. They enjoy COLLABORATing & CONNECTing with other great entrepreneurial business owners.