This weeks luncheon at Rusty Plough in Eden was terrific, yet again!
Four of us enjoyed a variety of fresh salads and toasted sandwiches and had a robust discussion around what are the challenges you see for your business, continuing the theme from previous catch-ups.

Karen Lott from Sprout Eden, led the discussion focusing on the challenges that the Winter downturn in a tourism centred area such as Eden creates. So be sure to stop in and enjoy some of her wonderful fresh produce, next time you are in Eden. Karen is also the driving force behind the Nethercote Produce Market which just happens to be on this weekend.
Karen’s passion for Eden and surrounding areas was evident whilst discussing its spectacular beaches, amazing food, whale watching and bush retreats. One of the new projects being explored is an Enduro style cycling route to attract visitors to the region over the winter season. The project is currently at incorporation stage progressing to a feasibility study. Linking in with existing activities and with an abundance of quality accommodation, a variety of cafés, the introduction of Food Truck Friday initiative, it will be a great addition to boosting trade at this time of year.

With two of the lunch attendees being Bookkeepers, some discussion centred about building trust and respect within the local community particularly due to the nature of the personal information needing to be accessed.

Bonnie Johnson is a Book Keeper currently study for BAS accreditation. Having recently launched Aspire Business Support, she’s looking to promoting herself throughout the region and be contacted on: 0499 084 069.

Kim Harrison-Hewitt, founder of K.H-H Administration and Bookkeeping is a book keeper and BAS agent, with services offered to city based and local clients and can be contacted on: 0409 002 945.

Great catch-up everyone. Thanks again from,

Lynn Ashton on behalf of LBConnections
Independent Thermomix Consultant

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