From Little Things Parklands – Sponsored by LBConnections

from little things

From Little Things Parklands is proudly sponsored by Local Business Connections.

From Little Things Parklands is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to design and build urban farm parklands for the benefit of our community.
Creating community based projects that aim to enhance local biodiversity, business, tourism, and urban food security within Merimbula.
All in a sustainable way!


To create a space within the neighborhood that enhances local biodiversity, business’ tourism, and urban food security. In turn, generating a community environment for generations to come.

Our Visions..

Think Big.

From Little Things Parklands is in it’s first stages of the exciting plans to create community parkland environments that will be enjoyable for generations to come! Our future vision is to build a main structure at our Berrambool site, with plans to include space for a wide range of uses including a café, art and fitness groups. This will be surrounded by our community parkland areas that provide gardens and areas for other leisure activities that are enjoyable for the whole community including wheelchair accessible garden beds. 

Start Small.

Where this all begins is with our Harvest Program, a project that is converting a bowling green into an urban farm at Club Sapphire Merimbula. This will lay the foundations for our bigger projects and pave the way to reaching our dream goals for these amazing community parklands.

Our goals for the Harvest Program:
  • To grow and harvest local produce, usable for selling to local businesses, and to generate funds towards further development of urban farms.
  • To offer learning and education experiences for local businesses, schools and the broader community.
  • Promoting sustainability and biodiversity to the local community through our projects at the gardens.
  • Encourage our locals to participate in the growth of our projects, and to become a part of our own From Little Things community!







How you can get involved.

There are many ways you can be a part of our projects, and we are always seeking new friends to join our own From Little Things community! Check out our website LINK to find out more.