GOLD Sponsorship

MAJOR Event Sponsor

EXCLUSIVE sponsorship rights at the selected event. Choose from 3 major events held throughout the year.

Put your business Front & Centre:

  • Website Marketing:
    • Listing on FRONT PAGE of LBconnections website plus right hand slide show on website for 6 weeks
    • Listing on website Events page for 6 weeks leading up to event
  • Newsletter Marketing:
    • Recognition in pre - and post-event marketing
    • Feature in 6 email newsletters sent out to 850+ subscribers on the Sapphire Coast prior to event and 6 newsletters post event
  • Social Media Engagement:
    • FB Promo Pinned to top of LBconnections FB Group for 6 weeks
    • FB Promo Pinned to top of LBconnections FB Business Page for 6 weeks
  • Event Marketing:
    • Additional recognition at selected networking events
    • Acknowledgement of sponsorship in opening remarks
  • Self Promotional Opportunity:
    • 15 mins speaking opportunity at event
    • Opportunity to handout marketing material and 'Freebies' at event
    • Opportunity to set up a display table & banner at event
  • Membership Bonuses:
    • Complimentary 6 mth PROMOTE Membership
    • Complimentary event registration for 2 attendees


  • Media:
    • Boost the perceived image of your business and gain extra media exposure through LBconnections email, FB and website marketing
    • Sponsorship gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness through familiarity
  • Promotional:
    • Exclusive sponsorship allows you the ability to utilise your promotional banners and flyers at the event allowing attendees that are eager to learn more about your business to come and find you
    • Your name will also be used when approaching other businesses for sponsorship - again increasing your reach
  • Leads:
    • Generate quality leads from a larger enthusiastic audience
    • Opportunity for face to face networking with motivated & interested attendees
    • If you’re in a relatively small industry here's an opportunity to speak with some of your current customers
  • Image:
    • Use this event to as an opportunity to educate your customers about any upcoming upgrades or releases with a 15min speaking segment
    • Sponsorship gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness through familiarity
    • Get feedback on how your service or product is performing
  • Membership:
    • Opportunity to become a part of an enthusiastic group of like minded business owners and continue to PROMOTE your business