Mon 1st July – Pathway to Profitablity – by Paul Coker

Pathway to Profitability

Profit is not a dirty word!

Many business owners would love to achieve a better work-life balance and a better return on the time, effort and capital they have put into their business and the risks they have taken.

The problem though is how do you achieve this?  Some look for a quick fix … the latest marketing gimmick or the ‘next best thing’ to turn their business from something that mainly seems to be lots of hours providing jobs for others, to something that provides more time for them and their family, regular and consistent operating profits and, ultimately, a profit on the sale of the business when they eventually exit the business.

And some cross their fingers and hope next year will be different!

There is a better way.  Pathway to Profitability is a workshop presented jointly by Local Business Connections and Paul Coker from the Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre.  In two hours you will learn how to find the pathway to profitability in your business.  You will learn how to:

  • Unlock profitability in your business by simply better understanding your Income Statement and what you can easily do to improve performance.
  • Keep good customers for longer.
  • Convert more leads to profitable business.
  • Sell more to existing customers, and more often.
  • Win new and profitable new customers.

If you want to claw back some of your time, improve your work-life balance, achieve a better return on your time and capital, you need to attend this Pathway to Profitability workshop.


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