Suzanne Whelan – Health & Wellness

Suzanne Whelan
I run a Health & Wellness Business.

As a  Coach, I support, mentor and encourage healthy ageing.
I offer a System that is a nutritional cleansing  system that doesn’t just target weight loss. It is all about gaining energy, reducing stress, building lean muscle, sleeping better, mental clarity, improving digestion/bloating, balance hormones, overall health and feeling amazing.

This is My Story of Why.

I have a strong passion to help other people to regain their health and live in a body that is the best possible version of themselves.
2- 1/2 years ago I began a health journey that, at the time, I had no idea that this journey would give me a gift of life.

I was living a life full of stress, feeling that I was not good enough, I had very low self worth and no confidence to be myself. I felt uncomfortable in my own body and old before my time.
I was tired all the time and had no energy and my health was badly compromised. I reached out to someone that I saw from a distance that had notably changed. She was  glowing with health, had lost weight and looked happy and confident. So I asked this lady what she was doing and at this time she was not aware that what she was introducing me to was a system that was going to save my life.

With in a few months I felt alive, full of enthusiasm and full of energy, happiness and confidence. This system has shown me how to fuel my body with the correct balance of nutrition to help me loose 22 kilo and improve my health. I did not know when I started this journey that I had a Heart condition and have been told by my cardiologist that because my body is supported by a great health system I am now in the best optimum health to support my heart. As a result this has now given me a passion to reach out to others to offer them a option to better antioxidant health so they to can have the best possible optimal health.

For more details please contact Suzanne Whelan
Email: suzannewhelan6@bigpond.com
Ph: 0414 933 062