Earlier this year I had planned on finally venturing into retirement after the fires and before Covid came along. I had set up a FB page Travel4Retirement a year ago, to record our journey and somewhere for me to share all my photographs along the way. Feel free to follow along on our journeys.

I also had plans on a family reunion in NZ, as finally after 20yrs all my siblings had co-ordinated to be together once again. We had booked a share house in Cromwell in the South Island and were going to reminisce about where the years had gone.

On my return in late April, hubby and I were heading off for a 6mth caravan trip to WA to visit other family members and just enjoy our time together. Hubby was diagnosed with Parkinsons a year ago, so we are not sure how much travel time we will have before we have to put away the van for good. So now was the time to just hit the road and go.

Then along came Covid 19!!!! Like many people around the world, our lives were thrown into a turmoil. My husband was quite distressed at not being able to go away and I was saddened by this new blow to the LOCAL businesses, especially after all the work that I had been doing with the local Chamber in trying to support them after the horrific fires in Jan.

Computer with LBC Directory Banner

Not being one to just sit around I decided to play around with my website and re-developed it into a Business Directory that will support LOCAL businesses and that will become the ‘GO TO’ directory for the Bega Valley Shire. Eventually I plan to grow it into the Eurobodalla, Snowy Monaro & East Gippsland Shires. So there goes that retirement plan again!

I was also able to take up the opportunity of some free on-line courses through the Pheonix Program run through the Bega Valley Innovation Hub. While working with Andy Willis’ Working From Anywhere workshop I was able to further set up the business to work remotely, so long as I had internet access.

So a couple of weeks ago after a few failed attempts to head away for a few weeks, we just decided to bite the bullet and GO!

As a result we are out on the road again and while we are only going as far as the Warrenbungles, we are loving every bit of the journey and finding some wonderful isolated spots along the way.

We have also been fortunate to include visits to family that we haven’t seen for some time. While this is only a short trip, as unfortunately we will have to head back soon to include some medical visits in Sydney and Canberra, we are very grateful that we are able to get away at all. We feel for all those in Victoria and hope to visit down there again in 2021.

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