Chamber of Commerce’ on the Sapphire Coast

NSW Business Chamber Alliance Program


  • Australian Retailers Association
  • NSW Government
  • Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
    Exposes and minimises corruption in the NSW public sector through investigation, corruption prevention and education This site is part of the ICAC’s educational role. Information here is particularly relevant to those working in or dealing with the NSW public sector.
  • Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART)
    Sets maximum prices and undertakes pricing reviews of monopoly services supplied by NSW government agencies. It regulates natural gas pricing and third party access to gas networks; undertakes general reviews of industry, pricing or competition; registers agreements for access to public infrastructure assets and arbitrates disputes about such agreements.
  • LawAccess Online
    Provides quick and easy access to plain language legal information (including resources in community languages) and related assistance services in NSW. A legal topic index can be used to find resources on different areas of the law such as family law, drink driving and domestic violence. Resources can be searched by language, keyword and other methods.
  • Office of Industrial Relations
    The office provides information about industrial relations issues such as award wages and working conditions.
  • WorkCover
    WorkCover NSW manages the state’s workplace safety, injury management, and workers compensation systems.



  • Commonwealth Government
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
    An independent statutory authority, the Commission administers the Trade Practices Act 1974 and the Iand has additional responsibilities under other legislation.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
    Ensures fair play in business, protects investors and consumers, prevents corporate crime and helps Australia’s business reputation. Formerly called the Australian Securities Commission.
  • Commonwealth Ombudsman – Australia
    Investigates complaints about Commonwealth government departments’ and agencies’ (including Australia Post) actions to see if they are unlawful, wrong, unjust or discriminatory.
  • Consumers online
    The Commonwealth Government’s one-stop-shop for consumer protection in Australia.
  • Australia Competition & Consumer Commission
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent Commonwealth statutory authority whose role is to enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a range of additional legislation, promoting competition, fair trading and regulating national infrastructure for the benefit of all Australians.
  • ipaustralia
    Responsible for granting rights in patents, trademarks and designs in Australia.
  • Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs
    The Council consists of all commonwealth, state, territory and New Zealand ministers responsible for fair trading, consumer protection laws, trade measurement and credit laws. Its role is to consider consumer affairs and fair trading matters of strategic national significance and, where appropriate, develop a consistent approach within the framework of an agreed Strategic National Consumer Affairs Agenda.
  • National Competition Council
    To promote the economically efficient operation of, use of and investment in the infrastructure by which services are provided, thereby promoting effective competition in upstream and downstream markets.
  • National Consumer Credit Code
    National Credit Code
    In response to business and consumer concerns, the Consumer Credit Code was developed as a national initiative to standardise credit practice in Australia.
  • National Measurement Institute

    The National Measurement Institute (NMI), a division within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is Australia’s peak measurement body responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement.
  • Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
    Australians increasingly provide personal information to retailers to purchase products online, or to gain rewards — almost three quarters of Australians are signed up to a store loyalty program.
    Earlier this year, legislation was introduced to add to existing protections for personal information in the Australian Privacy Act. From 22 February 2018, retail businesses with an annual turnover of $3 million or more, or that trade in personal information, will be required to comply with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme. 
  • Postal Industry Ombudsman
    The Postal Industry Ombudsman (PIO) is an independent body that investigates complaints about the postal industry. The PIO investigates complaints about any postal operators that register with the scheme.  Registration is voluntary. Currently, the Office of Fair Trading handles complaints about NSW postal operators and will continue to look at complaints about postal operators who do not register with the PIO.
  • Product Recalls Australia
    Provides up-to-date information to consumers about product recalls and allows information to be shared between regulators. Co-ordinated by the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Treasury.
  • Australian Taxation Office
    We want to give you the best possible experience of the tax and superannuation systems, so we’re changing the way we work.
    Our vision is to be a contemporary, service-oriented organisation. To achieve this we are transforming our services and the way we deal with you.
    Our starting point was to ask people how they use the tax and superannuation systems, and what they want. They said we should fix the basics, provide certainty, tailor services to their needs and help them navigate the system.