COLLABORATION is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Collaboration is similar to cooperation. Most COLLABORATION requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group. Wikipedia

On the surface, COLLABORATION is a simple concept.

When you COLLABORATE on something, you work alongside other people to constructively explore ideas, discover new solutions and explore unique thought processes. Ultimately, the end-goal of COLLABORATION is to accomplish something as a team.

One very successful recent COLLABORATION example was the Food Truck Friday that was held through the winter months in Merimbula, Eden & Bega. There was a leader that was determined to bring it all together and the participants that were all prepared to give it a go. The success was very evident by the attendance at the events and in the reactions on Social Media.

This is a great example of how potential competitors can actually work together and reap the benefits of a well thought out COLLABORATION.

It included a spirit of willing cooperation and mutual respect that allowed different entities to share a common vision and contribute to the process.

The four C’s – Collaboration, Coordination, Commitment & Communication were used to bring it all together so successfully.

If you have had a successful COLLABORATION story, we’d love to hear how you were able to include the four C’s and what the outcome was of your venture together.

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