2020 has certainly been a challenging year for everyone throughout the world and especially our LOCAL Communities.

While I was fortunate not to have suffered any financial or personal losses, I have seen 1st hand, just how Local Businesses have been dealt a number of hard blows and are suffering badly.

It started with the Horrific Jan Fires, which saw the mass evacuation of our tourists, followed by some flooding in certain areas and then no sooner had businesses started to pick themselves up they were forced once more to shut their doors when Covid19 hit the country.

During these forced isolations, it’s has been great to see businesses adapting and the initiatives that some have taken to try to keep their businesses afloat throughout the current situation. There are certainly going to be some great stories to come out of all of this.

One of the great positives bought about have been the number of on-line courses available to small business. The Local Bega Valley Innovation Hub were one of the organisations that were very pro-active in adjusting their Pheonix program to the on-line space and bringing in a number of extra workshops for Local Businesses. As a result of attending a number of their courses, I have been motivated to rework Local Business Connections into a LOCAL business directory, with a strong focus on the LOCAL Business.

So our new slogan will be to:


With our Business Directory we can help you to keep your brand and your company name in the minds of consumers and make it easier for them to find you. There has honestly never been a better time to expand your on-line presence.

We are also now working on how to INSPIRE you to provide a bit of an insight into how you and your business are managing with all this current turmoil. This is also an opportunity to bring the focus onto your business by way of our ‘Feature Friday STORIES’.

We see this as a fantastic chance for you to tell the community and the world about your business. To let people know how you have been managing and any current needs or desires that you may have.

So over the next few months we will be CONNECTING with LOCAL businesses and inviting you to complete a questionnaire which we will then use to create your STORY and PROMOTE your business via our website, social media page and email campaigns.

Follow this LINK to see some of our latest INSPIRE STORIES!

We wish you all the best with your Business venture and are really looking forward to getting in touch with you soon. Stay Safe.

Julie Novotny
0429 970 150
Owner Local Business Connections
P.O. Box 287 Meirmbula, NSW, 2548